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Classic Racing Motorcyclists Corner

Replica for the Lucas 2MTT Magneto:

Straight from our own machine shop we are pleased to be able to offer from stock a modern (with vastly improved performance) replacement for the old Lucas 2MTT racing magneto. Developed and track proven by David May with the full assistance and permission of Lucas, this is a DIRECT REPLACEMENT for your old, and now possibly tired magneto.


The magneto comes with fittings for either the Manx Norton or 7R/G50 mounting plate and requires no modification or spacers to fit. This is a totally self generating unit, no external coils or wires and no batteries to go flat or fail. For the weight conscious, this magneto is around 66% of the weight of the original item.

The electrics of this unit have been thoroughly tested for reliability, it has been in continuous use by the UK Ministry of Defense for over 15 years, and the prototype of this magneto ran all last season, including the Manx Grand Prix, without a hint of any electrical component failure.

Future developments include the provision of twin spark version.

Brief Specification:


  • Capacitor discharge magneto, no points, only timing marks, makes no maintenance necessary.
  • A Krober or other similar rev counter can be plugged into the connector provided inside the case the same wire can be used as a kill switch.
  • Timed for anti-clockwise running.

Magneto Case:

  • Made from Magnesium dichromated black to prevent corrosion in the atmosphere. Painted silver (Sikkens Autocryl) 2-part paint and 2-part lacquer.
  • Two sealed for life bearings are fitted together with Rencol tolerance rings to maintain the correct fit in housing regardless of running temperature of the Magneto.
  • The Allen screws are manufactured by Unbraco. All nuts machined from hexagon bar.

By using the best quality components and materials available combined with high standards of quality control and assembly, using Locktite 638 on all critical components and testing every magneto, we believe we can now offer the finest Manx Norton/G50/7R magneto available in the world today.

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